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June 18, 2021

Canadian Charter, Thompson Valley Takes the Passenger Experience Next-Level

Icomera and Thompson Valley Charters partnered to take the passenger experience to the next level with industry-leading connectivity. 

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Icomera partners with motorcoach operator to provide the highest reliable mobile Internet connection

Icomera and Thompson Valley Charters partnered to take the passenger experience to the next level with industry-leading connectivity.  

Thompson Valley Charters is a locally owned business serving Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Started in 2018, the owners are focused on building a successful charter business as well as a scheduled service throughout British Columbia.  

Thompson Valley Charters was seeking a competent solution partner with a proven track record in delivering next-generation wireless communications systems and integrating complex transportation technology services. In 2021, we answered their need.  

To meet and exceed passenger’s onboard connectivity and entertainment expectations, Icomera’s X³  Advanced Gateway was chosen as the central connectivity platform, delivering reliable Internet connectivity and onboard entertainment services to customers traveling on Thompson Valley’s scheduled and charter services. The advanced X-Series gateway sets the stage for The Connected Journey, delivering a significantly improved operator and passenger experience. Our solution will not only provide passengers with Internet connectivity (via Wi-Fi), but also provide Thompson Valley’s operations team a next-generation service management platform to ensure the highest quality experience for their passengers is always achieved. ​ 

Thompson Valley Charters chose Icomera over other providers as we felt that it met our specific needs for our bus customers,” said Roger Nadeau, owner of Thompson Valley Charters. “The team at Icomera were very helpful on providing the information we needed to decide on the right package for us.  We are glad we went with Icomera as the passengers just love the system. We travel 500 miles between our start and finish and with the availability to watch movies, listen to music or to use the internet helps the time go by faster. We would recommend Icomera to any busing company”. 

Our global experience has shown us the benefits of delivering the highest-possible, quality Wi-Fi connection. The provision of reliable passenger Wi-Fi is directly correlated to an improved perception of service quality. With higher satisfaction, our customers report higher customer retention and an influx in new passengers – confirming the benefits derived from the passenger’s ability to remain productive throughout the journey. Further, the Wi-Fi experience and passenger portal pose a valuable opportunity to engage customers and directly solicit their feedback. Our suite of backend software is specifically designed to collect information and manage network quality. ​ 

We understand what sets Thompson Valley Charter apart from the competition: their commitment to each traversed local community,” said Gabriel Lopez-Bernal, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Icomera in North America. “At Icomera, we share a similar way of doing business: global reach, fueled by local support. Our mission is to make transport a better and more attractive option for today’s passenger.” 

Keeping Thompson Valley Charter customers entertained and productive throughout their journey is one of the easiest ways to protect the onboard reputation and improve the onboard experience. The Connected Journey provides seamless connectivity – and premium entertainment – from origin to destination.  

Icomera has been serving the motorcoach industry since 2008. Today, we are thrilled to be partnering with Thompson Valley Charters to enhance the passenger experience in Kamloops and the Province of BC.

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