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Coronavirus Policy

Thompson Valley Charters is committed to providing safe, reliable service for all customers in compliance with applicable government orders and guidelines. With customer and employee safety as our top priority, we continue to regularly sanitize our buses and operate them in a manner that allows for appropriate social distancing.

Facial Coverings

All passengers will be required to wear a facial covering in situations where social distancing is not possible. This includes while waiting in line, during the boarding process, when on board the bus, and when getting off the bus.
We will have a limited number of masks available for customers who are unable to bring their own.
Exceptions will be made for customers with medical conditions, have trouble breathing or for children less than 2 years old.
Our drivers will be also wearing masks when social distancing is not possible. This includes while assisting in boarding and disembarking from the bus. Drivers will be socially distanced from passengers when operating the vehicle and will not be required to wear a mask while doing so.

Social Distancing

We have reduced the available number of passengers per trip to give our drivers and customers more personal space. Only those who are from the same “social bubble” are to share a seat. Keeping an empty seat in between travelers will ensure appropriate social distancing.
We ask that all travellers be aware of remaining 6 ft apart while waiting to board and during boarding and disembarking

Cleaning & Disinfecting

We have been and will continue to wash and wipe down all of our buses on a daily basis.
Hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes will be placed on all buses for the use of driver and passengers.
High traffic areas, hand rails and hard surfaces are to be wiped down regularly.
Complete coach from back to front is disinfected after each trip.
We will continue to be vigilant in our actions to ensure the safe
travel of our employees and passengers.
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